Neolithic Arrowhead (01)

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Neolithic arrowheads were fine projectile points, they were most likely used to hunt small game such birds, they are often referred to as "Bird Points" They are always flaked on both sides with relatively sharp edges, some even have a serrated edge. The chipping and sharp edges is evidence of a well honed and highly developed knapping technology. This technology most likely dates back to the Neolithic, meaning "New Stone Age" period which was relatively short, starting about 6000 years ago and ending at various times in various places. 
This Neolithic arrowhead is hand picked for color, character, and quality. It is a great specimen which would make a great addition to any collection.  This specimen comes with a Ricker mount display case at no extra charge.

Dimensions: 1.5" L

Provenance: Mali, Africa

Age: Neolithic: 4000-6000 YA

Type: Actual specimen-one only