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Trilobites are prehistoric bottom dwelling sea creatures related to the modern day horse-shoe crab, they had a hard exoskeleton body which was conspicuously segmented which enabled them to roll up just as a modern roly- poly. There are about 20,000 species of trilobites that have been identified world wide. Trilobites are a diverse group of extinct arthropods, they were one of the first living creatures to develop compound eyes.  They first appeared in the Cambrian period around 540 million years ago, and gradually after a drawn out decline to extinction disappeared in the Devonian period around 360 million year ago. 
This Metacanthina "AKA" Hollardops trilobite is in good condition, it may contain some minor restoration. 

Size: 3-4" L x 3-4" W

Provenance: Sahara Desert, Morocco

Age: Devonian: 416-359 MYO 

Type: Representative specimen 

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