Mammoth Tooth(01)

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This Mammoth tooth belonged to a prehistoric woolly Mammoth. A Mammoth is any species of extinct genus Mammuthus primigenius commonly equipped with long, curved tusks and , in northern species a covering of long hair. They lived from the Pliocene epoch from around 5 million years ago into the Holocene at about 4,500 years ago. Like their modern relatives (the elephants), Mammoths were quite large. The largest known species reached heights in the region of 4 meters (13ft) at the shoulders and weights up to 8 tons. The woolly mammoth was the last species of the genus. Most populations of the Molly mammoth in North America and Eurasia as well as tall the Columbian Mammoths in North America died out around the time of the last glacial retreat as part of a mass extinction of the megafauna in northern Eurasia and the Americas. 

This tooth was found in the North Sea, it dates back to the Pleistocene period. It has been expertly stabilized and preserved in our prep lab

Size: 10.5" L x 3" W x 4.75" H

Provenance: North sea

Age: Pleistocene period (2.5 m -9,500 Years ago) 

Type: Actual specimen - one only