Libyan Desert Glass (06)

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Libyan desert glass. How Libyan Impact glass came about: A Meteorite impacted in the Sahara desert about 29,000,000 years ago on the border of Libya and Egypt.The extremely high heat melted the desert sands and formed this translucent glass. It was first used by man about 10,000 years ago and was also used in an amulet by the Egyptian King Tutankhamen . Nearly pure silica (98 wt %), it is the purest natural glass in the world. It can be heated to 1700 degrees C. before it melts, 500 degrees C. Higher than any other natural glass. METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Increases sales and profits. Creates good luck; especially spiritual. Helps create new ideas and balances the nervous system. This specimen features beautiful translucence and great shape. This Libyan desert Glass specimen is in great condition featuring beautiful color and transparency.

Dimensions: 2.5" L x 1.125" W

Provenance: Libyan Sahara Desert. 

Weight: 32.1 grams

Type: Actual specimen-one only