Large Fossil Fish Mural

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Diplomystus is an extinct genus of non-clupeoid clupeomorph fish distantly related to modern-day extant herrings, alewifes, and sardines. Diplomystus dentatus is well known from lower Eocene deposits of the Green River Formation in Wyoming. Specimens range from larval size to 65 cm and are commonly found in close association with the extinct herring Knightia sp.
This large fossil fish mural features two exquisite Diplomystus and one Knightia fish. It has been professionally prepared, and it feature great detail and preservation. It is very rare to find fossil fish specimens of this caliber. This specimen comes with wall mounting brackets, it can be mounted on a wall as shown in one of the pictures, or it could also be professionally framed.  
The top fish measures: 20 1/2" L, and the bottom one measures: 17 1/2" L
Size: 47" L x 23 1/8" W    

Provenance: Green river formation, 18" layer, Wyoming, USA

Age: Eocene (55-33 MYA)

Type: Actual specimen - one only

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