Labradorite Specimen (02)

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Labradorite is a feldspar mineral. It can produce a variety of colors ranging from the typical blues and violets to greens, yellows, and oranges. The color display is from lamellar inter-growths inside the crystal. These inter-growths are as a result of compatible chemistries at high temperatures becoming incompatible at lower temperatures and thus a separating and layering of these two phases. The resulting color effect is caused by a ray of light entering a layer and being refracted back and forth by deeper layers. This refracted ray is slowed by the extra travel through the layers and mixes with other rays to produce a light ray coming out that has a different wavelength than when it went in.
This specimen is a wonderful example of this fascinating mineral.

Dimensions: 5 1/2" L x 2 1/2 " W x 6 1/4" Tall

Provenance: Madagascar

Type: Actual specimen-one only