Iron Meteorite Pendant (01)

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This iron meteorite is called  “Agoudal” also known as “Imilchil”. It was named after an area in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It is a relatively new discovery. It is mainly composed of iron mixed with 17.3 % nickel. It is classified as an Iron meteorite (IIAB). IIAB meteorites are a group of iron meteorites with a structural classification ranging from hexahedrites to octahedrites. IIABs have the lowest concentration of nickel of all iron meteorite groups .
This meteorite is estimated to be over 40,000 yrs old.  Researchers believe that the impact from this meteorite fall is responsible for creating the two famous lakes of “Islit” and “Tislit” in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.  . The crater created by the impact is over 100 meters deep.

This meteorite pendant is made with a Stainless steel "flat back" bail that has been adhered to the meteorite using a high strength jewelry adhesive.

Dimensions: 1.13" L (including bail)

Provenance: Imilchil, Morocco

Type: Actual specimen-one only