Gebel Kamil Meteorite (04)

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Introducing the Gebel Kamil Iron Meteorite, a remarkable testament to the mysteries of our early Solar System. Discovered in 2009 amidst the vast southern Egyptian desert, near the Sudanese border, this meteorite unveils a captivating narrative that spans millennia. Estimated to be around 5,000 years old, this meteorite weighs an astonishing 1.7 metric tons. It is believed to have originated from the core of a small asteroid that fragmented in space, hurtling fragments towards Earth until they collided with its surface.
The Gebel Kamil meteorite boasts distinctive features that make it truly extraordinary. Its complex network of fine-grained veins, formed during the impact event offering a fascinating glimpse into the forces that shaped it. The meteorite's surface texture, characterized by rapid cooling during atmospheric entry, adds a unique allure to its appearance.
Beyond its mesmerizing aesthetics, the Gebel Kamil meteorite holds immense scientific value. Researchers and enthusiasts alike treasure this meteorite for the invaluable insights it provides into the formation and composition of our early Solar System. It serves as a window to the distant past, allowing us to unravel the secrets of our cosmic origins.
Furthermore, collectors prize the Gebel Kamil meteorite for its rarity and distinctive allure. Each piece is a remarkable relic, offering a tangible connection to the celestial wonders beyond our planet's borders.

This gebel kamil meteorite is a fantastic specimen. It has been professionally cleaned, and it features all the desirable characteristics of this unique meteorite.

Dimensions: 2.25" L x 1.5" W

Weight: 81 grams

Location: Uweinat Desert, Egypt

Type: Actual specimen-one only