Chelyabinsk Meteorite (03)

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The Chelyabinsk meteor was a superbolide caused by a near-Earth asteroid that entered Earth's atmosphere over Russia on 15 February 2013 at about 09:20 YEKT (03:20 UTC), with a  speed of 42,900 mph. It quickly became a brilliant superbolide meteor over the southern Ural region. The light from the meteor was brighter than the Sun, even at 100 km distance. It was observed over a wide area of the region and in neighboring republics. Eyewitnesses also felt intense heat from the fireball.
Because of its high velocity and shallow angle of atmospheric entry, the object exploded in an air burst over Chelyabinsk Oblast, at a height of around 29.7 km (18.4 miles, 97,400 feet). The explosion generated a bright flash, producing a hot cloud of dust and gas, and many surviving small fragmentary meteorites, as well as a large shock wave. The majority of the object's energy was absorbed by the atmosphere, with a total kinetic energy before atmospheric impact equivalent to approximately 500 kilotons of TNT.
Its explosion created panic among local residents and about 1,500 people were injured, some seriously enough to seek medical treatment.
This specimen comes professionally Framed in a glass top case.

Dimensions:  Frame dimensions: 5.5" L x 4.5" W 

 Chelyabinsk, Russia

Weight: Average weight .5 gram

Type: Representative specimen