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Campo del cielo meteorites are comprised of Nickel, Iron and other trace metals. Campo del cielo meteorites were first discovered in 1576 by Spanish explores in Chaco Argentina. Thousands of pieces have been found near the impact caters. The largest weighing an immense 37 tons. Scientists have estimated the date of the fall to be around 3950-5800 yrs ago based on radiocarbon dating of charred trees in the vicinity.

These campo del cieolo meteorites are great for someone who wants a small affordable meteorite. They've been cleaned and stabilized. The pictures are of a typical 1 kilo lot.

Dimensions: Sizes vary between .5" - 1.25" L 

Weight: weights vary between .5 - 20 grams per piece.

Location: Chaco Argentina. 

Type: Representative samples

Note: The price listed is for 1kg/2.2lbs.