Barracuda Skull

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This skull belonged to a modern Barracuda fish, All the teeth however are fossil teeth that were carefully selected from over 1000 teeth to create the perfect dentition. After the skull was boiled, cleaned, and the modern teeth removed, it was then stained then the fossil teeth were painstakingly placed back into the jaws by an expert jaw and skull preparer. The process from beginning to completion took over 40 hours of labor. This is a one of a kind skull with all original fossilized teeth and a custom stand. The species that the teeth came from is "Sphyranea, sp" There were collected in Venice, FL and they date back to the Miocene period (23-5.3 MYA)
Barracuda have two sets of razor-sharp teeth that can slice their prey into pieces. These dagger-like teeth can be found as fossils, on many Florida Beaches, in Miocene deposits of 8-10 Million Years old.
They like to hang-out in near shore coral reefs, sea grasses and mangroves. They are at times a solitary hunter lying motionless one moment and blazing at speeds up to 27 mph (43 km/h) in the next to attack their prey. Their long slender body gives them maneuverability among the coral. They have a large swim bladder that helps them maintain water depth balance.
This is a truly a one of a kind specimen expertly prepared by a master jaw and skull preparer. There is only one other known skull like this that was prepared by the same person.

Dimensions: 11 1/2" L x 4" W x 5" H

Provenance: Venice, FL

Age: Miocene period (23-5.3 MYA)

Type: Actual specimen- one only

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