Araucaria Fossil Pine Cone From Argentina (01)

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Araucaria mirabilis is an extinct species of conifers from Patagonia, Argentina . It belongs to the the genus Araucaria.
Araucaria mirabilis are known from a very well preserved, silicified wood and cones from the "Cerro cuadrado" Petrified Forest located in the Bella Vista ranch in Santa Cruz Province, (Patagonia region) Argentina.
The site was buried by a volcanic eruption during the Middle Jurassic, approximately 160 million years ago.
Pine cones from this site are some of the best preserved fossils in the world.
This specimen has been sliced vertically and polished on both halves revealing the internal structure. The seeds all around the edge and the fibrous tissues are practically intact due to a very slow and stable silicification process. This fossil pine cone comes with a custom made display stand.

Dimensions: 4 3/8" L x 3 1/4" W (each half)

Provenance: Patagonia, Argentina

Age: Jurassic (160 million yrs ago) 

Type: Actual specimen - one only