Antique Clay Pipe (02)

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Clay pipes were introduced in England after tobacco was brought from Virginia in the late 16th Century. Sir Walter Raleigh popularized the habit, but it faced opposition from religious leaders. Native Indian tribes in America had already been smoking for centuries. Initially, only the wealthy could afford tobacco, but it was later cultivated in England. King James 1st destroyed crops, leading to imported tobacco with taxes. Smoking was condemned in parts of Europe, but during plagues, smoking was seen as a cure. Clay pipe manufacturing became a thriving industry by the mid 17th Century, with pipes being exported as well. Pipe sizes increased over time, but they were often discarded due to fragility. Around 1720, a decline occurred due to conflicts and the rise of snuff taking. Clay pipes regained popularity in the 19th Century, featuring various designs and themes. However, by the 1930s, they were in low demand due to societal changes, competition from cigarettes, and World Wars. Today, clay pipes are mainly enjoyed by collectors, nostalgic smokers, and re-enactors.

Dimensions: 2" Tall x 1" W

Provenance: Great Britain

Age: Circa 1880