Sauropod Dinosaur Radial Bone

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This radius dinosaur bone belonged to an “Atlasaurus imelakai” which was a quadrupedal herbivorous sauropod. This sauropod was discovered in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. It was a massive dinosaur measuring up to 50 feet in length and weighing between 10-15 tons. The unusually long legs of Atlasaurus--longer than any other known genus of sauropod--point to its unmistakable kinship with the North American and Eurasian Brachiosaurus, of which it seems to have been a southern offshoot. Unusually for a sauropod, Atlasaurus is represented by a single, near-complete skeleton, including a good portion of the skull. This dinosaur thrived in the Middle Jurassic period around 165 million years ago.

This specimen has been professionally prepared and restored. It has minimal restoration, and it comes with a custom built iron stand.

Dimensions: 36" Tall x 7" W (exluding stand)

Provenance: Boulman, Morocco.

Age: Jurassic: 200-145 MYA

Type: Actual specimen- one only