Canyon Diablo Iron Meteorite (01)

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Canyon Diablo meteorites include man of the fragments from the Asteroid that created the Barringer Crater in Arizona.Meteorite fragments have been found near the crater rim and are name after the nearby Canyon Diablo valley with lies about 3-4 miles West of the crater. Meteor Crated lies at an elevation of 5710 Ft above sea level. It is about 3900 ft in diameter, and some 560 ft deep. It is surround by a rim that rises about 148 ft above the surrounding plains. Meteor Crater is a result of a spectacular collision the rocked the American Southwest approximately 50,000 yrs ago with energy of more that 20 million tons of TNT. The object that excavated the crater was a nickel iron meteorite approximately 160 ft across. The Speed of the impact is believed to be about 29,000 mph.
This Genuine Canyon diablo meteorite comes beautifully packaged in a black ricker display box jus as pictured. The average weight of the meteorites is 5 grams.

Dimensions: 7" L x 5" W

Provenance: Meteor crater, AZ

Type: Representative sample